How to Survive Another Year of Trump



Build  your  bomb  shelter  of bones.  Air  out that throat,  let your  larynx be a haven for vanishing

bumblebees, intercontinental ballistic missiles, the free-range grass fed Holy Rollers from across

the street.  Pray with them, if that’s your thing;  there might be a god within the chords.  In case of

emergency break every  one of your teeth to make  glass then break that glass so you might find

the axe beneath.  Know you can’t do a thing with it,  but swing it  nonetheless. Widen your stance.

Aim at a  rib.  Worry not,  you can  always  craft  another Adam  in your  image.  Maybe a  little less

murderous this time.  Quick now, a truth about life                no one can  protect you  from  what  is

truly  frightening:  white  men  in  toupees,  white  men  with  tiki  torches,  white men,  men.  Here,

another:  each day is  a gift you cannot return.  I’m  not saying you  have to use it;  find a shelf to sit

it on.  Let  it  swallow  light.  Open  you up.  Hear now,  the  sound of  metal  falling.  Feel now,  that

rattling in those bones. One, two, three mushrooms are blooming, straining toward the atomic sun.

Tafisha A. Edwards is the author of THE BLOODLET, winner of Phantom Books’ 2016 Breitling Chapbook Prize. Her work has appeared in Bettering American Poetry Volume 2, The Offing, PHANTOM, The Atlas Review, The Nashville Review, Bodega Magazine, The Little Patuxent Review, and other print and online publications. She is the Poetry Editor of Gigantic Sequins, a graduate of the University of Maryland’s Jiminéz-Porter Writers’ House, a Cave Canem Graduate fellow, and a former educator with the American Poetry Museum. She is the recipient of a Zoland Poetry Fellowship from the Vermont Studio Center and has received scholarships to The Juniper Summer Writing Institute, The Minnesota Northwoods Writers’ Conference and other writing workshops and conferences. She is currently writing her first collection of poetry, RIOT/ACT, and will probably change the name of the collection before publication.