1. Mirrors are used in building cameras but only single-lens reflex and it’s tempting to read into the assertion of singularity of reflexivity of whatever chambers and edges are needed to render image visible


  1. Mirror neurons are just a metaphor of an abstraction—coded supertext that requires the image the outside but doesn’t touch it only sees and what it sees it is but reflected code and moving the wrong direction


  1. It’s no wonder the need for mirrors the need to check for where the edges are for when they’ve begun to blur into someone else something else everything that prickles like skin but isn’t skin but isn’t


  1. Everything is touching touching touching




  1. Hejinian claims every border as permeable every form a set of limits and it seems all spaces are walls all moments a closing and an opening as if the aperture of the eye of a camera but is it a way to enter to exit to point to a line that


  1. Cold makes little sense though metal and skin both freeze and both a kind of border though one is permeable and felt the other more a kind of casing and even that limited by what there is to encase and what it means to escape that or else never be inside but if that’s the point if freeze is instead frieze and still the sense of bordering of rigidity of around and above


  1. But what passes through them if not breath if not air if not some entrance into an opening and a closing both that betrays the fact that nothing can stay inside


  1. If there were skin there would be metal but instead it’s all sensations all electric all one thing that has a name that turns everything inside it to

Mary Coons is a graduate student at UMass Boston currently completing a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. Her poetry has previously appeared in Rogue AgentCartridge Lit, and Bad Pony.