Cover: from the “Jocular Ocular” series (commercial color lithographs, 1889) (altered from the following images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)




Cover: from Seven Designs for Decorated Cups (pen and ink, watercolor, 1845–55) and Seven Designs for Decorated Cups (pen and ink, watercolor, 1845–55), both by Alfred Henry Forrester (altered)



Cover: from Terracotta rim fragments of kylikes (drinking cups) (terracotta, 5th century BCE) (altered)




Cover: from Number 16, Cabalistic Cards (commercial color lithograph, 1887) (altered)



Cover: Fantastic Hairdress with Fruit and Vegetable Motif (watercolor on canvas laid down on board, 18th century) by Anonymous (altered)



Cover: from Studies of a Gentian, Moth, Birds, Cats, Interlacing Motif, and Greek Frets (drawing, 1530-40) by Giorgio di Giovanni (altered)




Cover: from Page from Shi Zhu Zhai (polychrome woodblock print; ink and color on paper, 1662–1722) published by the Ten Bamboo Studio (altered)



Cover: from Shaffron and Crinet (Horse’s Head and Neck Defenses) (steel & textile, ca. 1480–95, with 19th century restorations) (altered)




Cover: from Editor’s Conversation with a Statesman (color lithograph, 1907) by Moriz Jung (altered)



Cover: from A Swarm of Flies above a Spider’s Web (pen and brown ink with graphite on chine collé, 1860–84) by Alexandre-Louis Leloir (altered)



Cover: from Bulldog (color lithograph, 1912) by Moriz Jung (altered)




Cover: by Wendy Chen



Cover: Page from a Dispersed Book of Dreams (Indian, mid-late 19th cent.) by Anonymous (altered)



Cover: Album Containing Twelve Paintings of Insects (Chinese, 19th cent.) by Anonymous (altered)




Cover: “Target Practice (In the Name of the Law)” (1927) by László Moholy-Nagy



Cover: “Design for Export Furniture” (Chinese, ca. 1800) by Anonymous