The following are erasure poems of various apology statements made during the COVID-19 Pandemic.









In light of recent interest in our encryption practices, we want to start by


apologizing for the confusion we have caused by incorrectly suggesting that


Zoom meetings were capable of using end-to-end encryption. Zoom has


always strived to use encryption to protect content in as many scenarios as


possible, and in that spirit, we used the term end-to-end encryption. While


we never intended to deceive any of our customers, we recognize that there


is a discrepancy between the commonly accepted definition of end-to-end


encryption and how we were using it. This blog is intended to rectify that


discrepancy and clarify exactly how we encrypt the content that




across our network.


The goal of our encryption design is to provide the maximum amount of


privacy possible while supporting the diverse needs of our client base.


To be clear, in a meeting where all of the participants are using Zoom


clients, and the meeting is not being recorded, we encrypt all video, audio,


screen sharing, and chat content at the sending


client, and do not decrypt it at any point before it reaches the


receiving clients.






[Rudy Gobert]




I  want  to  thank  everyone for  the outpouring of  concern and support over


the  last  24 hours. I  have gone through so many  emotions  since learning of


my diagnosis…mostly  fear,  anxiety, and  embarrassment. The first and most


important  thing  is  I  would  like  to  publicly apologize  to  the  people  that  I


may  have       endangered. At the time, I had no idea  I was   even infected. I was


careless  and  make  no  excuse.  I  hope  my  story  serves  as a  warning and


causes  everyone to  take  this  seriously.  I will do whatever  I can  to support


using my experience as way to educate others and prevent the spread of this


virus.  I am  under great  care and will fully  recover.  Thank  you  again  for all


your  support. I encourage  everyone to  take all of the steps to stay safe and


healthy. Love.





[Compass Coffee]




This too shall pass.


As many of you know, the situation around COVID-19 has been


devastating for Compass. Our business is down about 90%. Last night, we


decided to lay off the vast majority of our baristas so they are eligible for


unemployment benefits from the DC and VA governments. As a small


business, after struggling for two weeks and coming up with projects to


keep people employed, we simply ran out of work, and could not afford to


pay people without things for them to do.


This was the hardest decision we’ve ever had to make. Compass is about


people as much as it is about coffee. We’ve spent years training, mentoring,


and building our team. We said goodbye to many good people. Our


decision was to make one, extremely deep cut, in order to preserve the


leadership that will rebuild Compass from the ashes of this catastrophe.



To the people we laid off: we’d like to apologize. We are deeply sorry. We


want to bring you back as soon as the situation improves. .


To our customers and the broader community, we’ll do everything we can


to find a way through this, and to get back to serving real good coffee in the


days ahead.









The sources for the original statements are as follows: Zoom, Rudy Gobert, Compass Coffee.













Anney Bolgiano lives in Washington, DC where she works as an adjunct professor and private tutor. She has an interest in, and has taught courses exploring, the rhetoric and composition of public apology statements. Anney received her MFA from George Mason University and her BA from Guilford College. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Nashville Review, Figure 1, Whiskey Island, Door is a Jar, Bending Genres, Funny Looking Dog Quarterly, A Velvet Giant, District Lines Anthology, and elsewhere. She is a Pushcart Prize Nominee, and a past resident of Art Farm Nebraska.