Comfort Like The



Comfort like the smell of

hot         pee after a day at

the beach, I’m

coming for you,


   reconstruct the

rasp of sand on asphalt

and extoll           the

base        incendiary

preciousness of


past ordinary times.


Deliberate now for

about ten minutes on

which sour candy you’ll select.


Feel the disconcerting

vulnerability of the

contracting anemones        their

slick                 craggy gardens.


Allow a bizarre

and menacing bug to

bore beneath your               flesh.


It’s almost as if

   you’re somewhere


Someplace wild

you’re                    unshelled

of little



kicking up        a small

world of debris

Allison Hummel is an LA-based poet. Her work has recently appeared in Wax Nine, Q/A and Dream Pop, and is forthcoming from new sinews and Landlocked.