Why Is the Measure of Love Loss



in the midst of the sceneless day

we enter the burning building


of course this is a dream     yet

when “I looked over the bow for


an answer”—when I closed

my eyes & sent you a picture


you saw a girl dancing ballet

& “behold! the pinnacle was


dismantled; the glory of

the vintage was dust” &


wonder ceased entirely to be

wonder      next was the part


with the wolfthicket—with

the wolf baring her great neck


what I mean to say is: one year

ago I stood in the street


with you     now each day I eat

a pill the size of a doll’s eye—


my sleep quiet as a clean white room

my teeth all chewed up to chalk

Alyse Knorr is a queer poet and associate professor of English at Regis University. She is the author of the poetry collections Mega-City Redux (winner of the Green Mountains Review Poetry Prize), Copper Mother, and Annotated Glass, as well as the non-fiction book Super Mario Bros. 3 and four poetry chapbooks. Her work has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, Denver Quarterly, The Cincinnati Review, The Greensboro Review, and ZYZZYVA, among others. She serves as co-editor of Switchback Books.