You have many strengths however



studies have found your verbal concept formation is lower

than anticipated however at least 20 percent of children


must be taught this letter-sound system directly and if given

a dilemma to figure out you have significantly


greater difficulty deriving inference in order to learn

to read successfully the implications from an incomplete


set of verbal information the greatest possibility for success

lies in identifying and treating these children before


at times drawing conclusions before which are irrelevant before

missing central details before children reach third grade


still it is difficult for you to formulate concise and intricate

explanations your verbal formulation problems


appear to be causing some interferences academically and

impacting your learning this does not mean that older children


cannot be helped only that teaching them to read at an appropriate

level for their age becomes progressively more difficult as they get older








Language in the above piece was gleaned from: The Report of Diagnostic Evaluation of Sarah Shapiro (December 30, 2005) and The SLANT System for Structured Language Training: Reading in Research Completed by Marsha Geller (circa 2002). The specific article used was: “LD Online: Why Children Succeed or Fail at Reading: Research from NICHD’s Program in Learning Disabilities.”

Sarah Shapiro’s chapbooks the bullshit cosmos (ignitionpress 2019) and being called normal (tall-lighthouse press 2021) work to bridge the gap between those who struggle to read and those who read with ease. You can find Sarah on the socials: @shapi20s website: